Saturday, October 08, 2005

Confessions of a knit-aholic

So, um. Let me tell you a little story . . . I suppose it really isn’t as unusual as I’d like to think, but it explains the trepidation with which I view my steadily growing stash.

Back when I first really got into knitting, which was about two summers ago, I had no idea how much I could do with a bit of yarn and a set of pointy sticks. So, I reasoned to myself that the best way to go with this new hobby was to only buy yarn for one project at a time, to make sure that I could actually FINISH said project and therefore not waste yarn, money, and time. A very wise sentiment, wouldn’t you agree?

Wise, but not effective. Look what came in the mail this week:

That’s two skeins of Cascade Fixation sock yarn you’re looking at in Color No. 5104, obtained from Allison over at The yarn is for the Broadripple sock pattern at Knitty, to be knit on needles that are STILL being used for the second KPS beginner’s worsted weight sock as shown here:

Meanwhile, I still have Midwest Moonlight on the needle with 22 repeats of the lace pattern to go:

And I'm already thinking of starting my first lace project. Not only that, but there's the paper for sociology I have to write for Monday along with a theater midterm, and and and and . . . *wails*

I was so proud of being unique, of actually having the self-control and the wisdom not to build a stash.


Not so much.


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