Monday, October 03, 2005

First sock, Irish Hiking Scarf pics

My digicam came in the mail much earlier than I expected, so I present pictures of my two current WIPs (we are not discussing the Hufflepuff scarf. The Hufflepuff scarf is currently in detention for juvenile deliquency).

My first ever completed sock in all its unprofessional glory:

Image hosted by

I didn't realize the picture was so blurry- when I finish the sock's mate, I'll try and take better ones. I call the sock unprofessional because the cast on edge is kind of uneven- I think this is because I used tubular cast on for an even number of stitches, and decreased in the first row. Thus, for my second sock, I'm trying cable cast on.

Here's the same sock on my foot (Does this make me look fat . . .? :-P):

You can see the ends that I haven't woven in yet peeking out from the tip of the toe. I almost want to keep them there so I can tie the socks together when I'm not wearing them and make sure I don't lose them that way, but I think the dangling string would make for difficult wearing. Just a guess! :-D

And here is the Irish Hiking Scarf (which I keep on typing as the 'Irish Hicking Scarf'):

It's a really easy pattern- it's just incredibly monotonous. Also, the yarn (Knitpicks Merino Style) isn't nearly that bright- it's much darker and somberer (is that a word?) in real life.

I took a close up of the cabling, but the picture came out all dark and blurry. I'll give that another try for my next update. :)

[EDIT] I used the Knitting Pure and Simple Beginner's Worsted Weight Sock pattern for the sock, and the Irish Hiking scarf pattern can be found on


Blogger trek said...

Cool sock - what pattern did you use?

1:23 PM  
Blogger Lily said...

I used the Knitting Pure and Simple's Beginner Worsted Weight pattern- the instructions are very clear, and, well, simple :-D

1:30 PM  

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